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Taylor & Erin

A day of love, life and celebration at one of Maui's most pristine locations. This was an

event filled with smiles laughter and fun. It is always a pleasure to see a happy wedding

couple having their best time ever and enjoying it with their family and closest friends. 

Daniel & Liana

The island of Lanai is an amazing place in Hawaii to visit and an unique place to call home. We were so lucky to be invited to cover this event in such a beautiful location on our neighboring island. It was truly an honor to meet so many warm and generous people and share with them their special day. Big mahalo to Daniel and Liana and their Ohana for being such great hosts and their gift of Aloha.

Kirtan & Eileen

The Olowalu Plantation House is a beautiful ocean front estate on Maui's western shoreline with dynamic views of our neighboring islands and the West Maui mountains. It was a absolutely glorious day for an ocean front wedding and a really fun celebration. Families from across the globe gathered together at Olowalu  to enjoy this festive and heartfelt event.

Angus & Maleah

Ulupalakua, Maui is an amazing place with incredible views overlooking  the South shore of our island and the Makena coast. On this day we celebrated the coming together of two admired Maui families and two beautiful people in the pristine venue of Maui Vineyards.

Ryan & Becky

What a fun day at the Olowalu Planataion House! Everybody had a wonderful

time celebrating with Ryan & Becky at this fantastic location for their wedding.

The lush mountains and scenic shores of West Maui were a gorgeous and cinematic backdrop. This enchanting ceremony was performed by Pastor Laki Kaahumanu and by speaking beautiful words of love, gratitude and devotion he had all the guests smiling and laughing with each sentence. Big Congratulations to Ryan & Becky


Josh & Eleni

This beautiful couple was married on the pristine shores of the Olowalu Valley in an ancient style Hawaiian ceremony. Many visting family and friends were present to witness a such an authentic and special event for this young Maui couple. We

wish these two "love birds" many years ahead of love and happiness in our

beautiful island paradise!

Jonathan & Angelica

Every once in a while you can see a young couple that are so meant to be

together and get married. It is so obvious in their smiles and the beautiful

joy surrounding them, and with the support of so many friends and family

this wedding was truly a pleasure to witness.


Trey & Nikki

In all my experience I can't remember a couple so eager and excited about

getting married! They were so focused on each other and "in the moment"

it was purely a joy tobe there. Let this video be a reminder to everyone that

true love really exists...



Lauren & Jonathan

This event was at the Olowalu Plantation House an ocean front estate on

West Maui's shoreline. Families and friends gathered from across the globe

to see Jonathan and Lauren start their lives together as husband and wife

in the most beautiful setting. Mostly everyone was from Australia and they really know how to have a great time!




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